Feed Me, Seymour

What’s your favorite food? Savory tacos? Juicy, inch-thick hamburgers? Double chocolate chunk ice cream? Whatever it is, imagine you’re craving it — fiending even. Problem is, someone done up and stole all the tacos, all the hamburgers, and every last drop of that delicious ice cream. And you need that stuff to live. Without it, you and your family are going to that great food shack in the sky.

Sounds like a raw deal, right? It is, and it’s going down right now off the coast of South Africa, only the tacos in the equation are shoals of sardines that swarm to the warm waters, and you are the countless species of dolphins, sharks, whales, and birds that depend on their migration. Overfishing, industrial practices, and global warming are each crippling the sardine migration, all but eliminating one of the most incredible mass feeding frenzies in the world. But there’s hope. The new documentary Wild Ocean 3D documents the frenzy phenomenon, and how activists in South Africa are pushing for the creation of marine reserves along the Wild Coast. Get a rare glimpse at the ocean’s natural bounty when the film screens this week at the IMAX Theater (at the Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets start at $7. For showtimes call 954-463-IMAX, or visit www.mods.org/IMAX.
May 31-Sept. 30, 2008

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John Linn