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Feel the Pride

Pride means different things to different people. To some, it’s their child’s first steps. To others, it’s a set of jiggly new breast implants. To a dwindling few, it’s Dolphins pride for life. (Yes, they still exist.) But this Saturday on Ocean Drive, pride will mean only one thing: a whole lot of really excited gay people. Miami Beach Gay Pride festivities get underway Thursday with a variety of fetes, receptions, galas, and pool parties. But Sunday is the main event: the Pride parade and festival, marching from Fifth to 14th Street on Ocean Drive with so much glitter and so many rainbows that Dorothy herself would think it might be just a bit tacky. But screw that pigtailed princess — Pride is a celebration of the flamboyant, and no icon, gay or otherwise, can bring this party down. Certainly not with Dancing With the Stars alum Chaz Bono leading the pack.
Sun., April 15, 2012
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