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Fix me the Mystery Drink

You’re probably shocked that Yeehaw Junction was recently picked as Florida’s latest Best Destination for Florida Real Estate. After all, the non-descript strip of turf along the turnpike that provides little more than a pee stop before Disney was affectionately dubbed “Jackass Junction” by its own inhabitants. So why any band would boast “Direct from Yeehaw Junction” is a little bit of a conundrum. Combine that with the fact that the rockabilly threesome Slip and the Spinouts actually resides a little further south (down in this area in fact) and the head scratchin’ continues. But wherever the band is actually from pales in comparison to where it’s going to. See, the Spinouts are doing what every local band dreams of tonight: playing the bar of the Mai-Kai restaurant (3599 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Arrive early and drink for two during the Mai-Kai’s legendary happy hour. The band performs at 6 p.m. Call 954-563-3272, or visit
Fri., Aug. 31
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Terra Sullivan

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