Forget the PS-Triple

Gaming systems are sort of like sports teams: Each has a dedicated fan base which, at every opportunity, shamelessly exalts its system of choice while bashing the other ones. You can tell Nintendo fans because they wear T-shirts with cheesecake shots of Princess Peach, and they hate having to push buttons to play their games. Sony fans are the ones who think Madden NFL is Playstation exclusive and only bought their PS3 because they saw that Flo Rida had one on MTV Cribs. Microsoft fans? They’re like PC gamers from 1999 — they’re all about fragging people in Halo and calling them “noob” as they crouch-hump their dead bodies. Ah, classics never die.

If Microsoft’s fanboys are a bit too rabid about their online games, it’s only because Xbox 360 is easily the best system for multiplayer action. It’s why SFX360, a South Florida meet-up group for Xbox 360 fans, has blossomed into one of the liveliest gamer organizations around. The group meets the first Saturday of every month in Davie, as well as organizing weekly online meet-ups like Gamerchix Ladies Night over Xbox Live. This Saturday they’ll be celebrating their first anniversary in style: With a huge LAN party and gaming tournament at Lucky Strike (1691 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach). Starting at 3 p.m., SFX will conduct single elimination contests for Halo 3, Gears of War, and Call of Duty 4, with cash prizes stretching up to $400. There’s no cover, but tourney registration costs $30 per person (Call of Duty is free, however). Visit
Sat., July 26, 2008

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John Linn