Free, Glorious Free

It’s 2 a.m. on a Friday night. You’re drunk, as usual. Then, a gurgle in your belly – it starts out low and bass-heavy like far away thunder before building into a crescendo of crackling, splooshing, swirling noise. It’s the onset of the munchies, and a particularly vicious case at that. Luckily, you thought ahead, you intrepid substance abuser you. The freezer is fully stocked: One carton Chunky Monkey. One half container of Half Baked (hey, someone got into it!). And – the pièce de résistance – two untouched pints of Phish Food. As you plop back onto your couch, spoon in one hand, now-sticky carton in the other, you feel proud knowing that not only does your ice cream of choice taste fucking delicious, it’s a responsible choice too.

Responsible? For reals! That’s the great thing about Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: It’s a progressive company that strives to minimize waste, use sustainable food sources, and create fair employment opportunities for all its workers. And as of today, B&J’s has been doing it their way for 30 years. Sweet, a birthday! You don’t even have to buy a gift, they’ll give you one. Just head out to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop (find participating locations at and ask for your free ice cream cone! Again: All day today, one scoop, any flavor, on a cone, for free. How’s that for a progressive company? Now, it’s too bad you can’t live solely on ice cream. (Well…)
Tue., April 29, 2008

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John Linn