From Dusk Till Dawn, Squared

The day might be here when abstinent vampires à la Twilight and nymphomaniac vampires à la True Blood can mix — comfortably. Well, maybe not. Every year, South Florida’s underground bureaucracy of lust, The Abusement Park Family, along with Endless Nights invites you to turn all-vampire and pretend — or, if you find a willing participant, not-so-much pretend — to blood-suck. The Vampire Ball of Florida at Club X-It is upon us. And this night coincides with Sanguinarium movement founder Father Sebastiaan’s release of Sanguinomicon: Lexicon of the Living Vampire, the vampire community’s newest handbook. In addition to the promised Sanguines, you’ll find vampyre belly dancers, fire spinners, Cabaret Vampyra’s Slave Auction, plus a ratatouille of seriously hot fetish and burlesque performances. Music will be provided by Hyde from Jackal & Hyde, Lords of Violence, Formula Reduxx, and the Cadillac Creeps — who tour in a 1963 Cadillac hearse — among others. Theatre des Vampyres, an underground suspension troupe, will celebrate by combining Blood Magik rituals with hook suspensions.

If you want fangs for Saturday’s Vampire Ball, on Friday, Club X-It will host the Reckless Dames’ murder mystery show Death Becomes Her as well as an afterparty with the Dames, Cabaret Vampyra, and Father Sebastiaan, who, by appointment, will give you a pair of fangs to call your own (that’s known as fangsmithing). All clans, packs, and lonely stranglers age 18+ are welcome to both nights; no age limit on the other end. Please follow the dress code: Think garbs reminiscent of Marie Antoinette or King Louis or French revolutionary zombies. Think evil clown or a satanic slut. Hell, throw on a Halloween mask. Tickets range from $20 to $75, depending on whether you shoot for VIP status or not. Vampire Ball lasts from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. (can’t afford to get too close to sunrise) at Club X-It (219 NE 21st Ave., Hollywood). Visit
Sat., Oct. 2, 9 p.m., 2010

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Mickie Centrone