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Futurism Is So Last Century

We have been up all night, Miami and I, burning with the fury of a river full of fire and derailing dawn’s offensive, pondering about the Wolfsonian’s new exhibition, “Speed Limits.” It’s on the 100th anniversary of Italian Futurism, and while the futurist movement might celebrate speed, tonight ain’t over till we say it is. Our hive-minds crush and batter you, your decrepit old existence, the structures of your weakness, and skeletons of power — beneath a flood of data corporeal, unrelenting, and committed fully to abuse time and space. You’re old and weak, but what’s worse is that the youth also fuels these infernos for the sake of machinations used for ceaseless entertainment — while they eat nutritionally deficient food. Every utterance is a challenge to humans’ weaker state of being until we leave the light that’s refracted through the lens of our aggression at the state of institutions that we blame, destroy, and mock. So find out more about circulation and transit, construction and the built environment, efficiency, the measurement and representation of rapid motion, and the mind/body relationship at the Wolfsonian, located at 1001 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach. Admission is $7 for adults; $5 for seniors, students, and children age 6 to 12; and free for Wolfsonian members. Call 305-531-1001.
Sun., Sept. 19, 2010
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Jacob Katel

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