Get a Strong Cuppa Joe

Every populated region has its own subcultures, and one of Fort Lauderdale’s friendliest is the bears – you know, those buff gay men that you just want to cuddle? They’re great for the community, because while they look like tough, muscle-bound bodyguards, they are more likely to throw themselves in front of a plant sale than a bullet, and they help damsels in distress lift heavy things at the grocery store. (What? Cat litter is really heavy.) But where do the bears go to get away from all of that civic duty? How do they unwind? Hell, where can they buy a decent cup of herbal tea? How about Bear Night at Stork’s (2505 NE 15th Ave., Wilton Manors)? If you wander into this local study hall/mingling spot/coffee-sipping hideaway tonight without first being properly briefed, you will find that it’s difficult (and fun!) to try and smush your way through the crowds and over to your favorite turtle cheesecake; the joint is packed to the seams with Johnny Bravo doppelgangers. So if you’re a bear that needs to ditch the cave for a night, or just a coffee-enthusiast with an appreciation for a nice view, go check it out. Call 954-567-3220.
Wednesdays, 2006
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Jamie Laughlin