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Get High on Low Culture

You’re a consummate student of pop culture, able to pull quotes from the films of Spielberg and Scorsese at twice the speed of any normal mortal. You spend your down time reading Ain’t It Cool News, and you’ve also been known to watch back episodes of Lost in slow motion with the lights off in order to see if you can make out Jacob’s face when he appeared for Locke in season three. (Nerd!) Well, let your obsession with all things trivial be sated — at least temporarily — when Pink Ghost’s latest art exhibition “Pop! Pop!” unveils its secrets tonight.

Over 30 artists will bring their love for the many facets of pop to bear, each with a wildly different passion than the next. Those aforementioned Lost fans can delve into Patrick Fatica’s mystic piece She Secretly Sings of Orchids and Whispers, in which a wide-eyed femme fatal sporting a Dharma jumpsuit gazes back wickedly. Meanwhile, Helena Garcia’s Fashion Series celebrates the diversity of style in cities across the globe. For something more provocative, Chase Heard’s Weezy Guadalupe imagines an ambivalent-looking Lil Wayne as the real baby daddy (or mamma?) to our Lord and Savior. Now that’s idol worship.

If you can dig it, head to 21 W. Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale Saturday night at 7. Admission is free and so are the frosted treats, courtesy of Call 954-616-1403, or visit
June 20-July 10, 2009

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John Linn

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