Get Up to Get, Get, Get Down

When dance club Roxanne’s on Main in Oakland Park closed shop last year after a mysterious electrical fire, Broward’s only hip-hop weekly went with it. Yep, the Breaks was great while it lasted – it gave fans of true-school hop a joint to call their own, as well as a place where local acts like Protoman, Second Hand Outfit, and Brokensound Blvd. could free their lyrical aggression without pause. It also gave Broward a hip hop backroom where national acts like KRS One could come in and do their thang for a loyal following. Of course, all good things must come to an end, so when Roxanne’s went up in smoke, the folks behind the Breaks, burnt out from the rigors of running a weekly, decided to take a break to collect themselves and work on individual projects of their own.

Now, nearly year later, the collective is back in action, and throwing a new night that’ll put Broward rap back on the map. It’s called the Get Down, and the premise is a little different than past outings: It’s still weekly, but each Wednesday night has a different theme – one week may hold a riotous, freestyle emcee battle and the next a chill, come-as-you-are affair with casual tunes spinning all night. This week, on the fourth Wednesday of the month, it’s the Get Down’s live concert night; heading to the stage are The Benchwarmers and Killa’ Bus, each celebrating a CD release, along with Willy Evans Jr. and two Jacksonville acts, Tough Junkie, and The “N” Word. There’ll be a busload of great music plus the weekly All-Night Garage Sale, where peeps can hawk records, crafts, clothes, or whatever else they want, and the Nintendo Grudge Match, a retro video battle taking place on an 8’x 8’ projection screen. The Get Down goes down at 10 p.m. at O’Malley’s Sports Bar (1388 State Rd. 7, Margate). Visit for more info.
Wed., Jan. 30, 2008

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John Linn