Give ΄im the Yokozuna

How often do you hear about wrestling at a club these days without the words mud or oil attached? Not that those are bad things, but what about all the other types of wrestling that are going unnoticed here? Like, if you’ve got a hip-hop show, judo is the obvious answer. Country music sounds sooo much better with the grunts of a Greco-Roman bout emanating from the background. Punk rock? Duh, dude – it’s all about sumo. You know: Colossal fat dudes, uncomfortable underwear, and hair buns? Yup, there’s nothing like thrashing to some punk tunes while totally getting your E-Honda on. Good news is, at Punk Rock Sundays at Area 7 Music and Ale (Formerly Duck Soup, 3809 Powerline Rd., Oakland Park) you can do just that. Each Sunday at 9 p.m. Area 7 will line up three bands to rock out D.I.Y.-style (this week it’s To Be Hated, Fear the Bomb, and Jolly Badfellow) while punkers in the crowd don foam and rubber fat suits, complete with undies and headgear, to duke it out in the sumo ring. Between sets, DJ Chewedupchord and crew will spin a healthy mix of punk, ska, reggae, and rockabilly, and you can fill up your cup on the $20 all-you-can-drink draft and, well, deal. Cover is just $2 ($5 for those 18-21), but you must sign up for the sumo at the door. Call 954-561-9134.
Sundays, 9 p.m., 2008
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John Linn