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Going Batty

For the kids in Death Becomes You, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year.

"This is like our Christmas, our Hanukkah, our everything. Totally," rants DBY drummer Christopher Lee, on the phone from the fifth ring of hell.

Halloween, after all, comes only once a year. And when the theme of your band revolves around horror-show theatrics, this one-in-365 moment is not to be taken lightly. Each year, Death Becomes You offers a Halloween show. To not do so would displease their dark god. But this year, Lee promises the theatrics are bigger than ever.

"Be sure to wear some flame-retardant clothing if you plan to attend," he warns. "This'll be the best show we ever played. I think we all can stand behind what we've done, but the last five or six songs we wrote are the best songs we ever wrote. They're all way more eclectic, way more like a sci-fi Ramones. We've developed a lot of new stuff that works with the music and the live show."

Even with newfound pyrotechnics and a turn toward sci-fi punk aside, Lee maintains that this show will be special. "We'll probably do a few little things to add a certain nuance to the fuckin' evening," he states with a hint of pride. "Just little things. Because we're the fuckin' cemetery band. We're the horror band. We gotta fit in with the whole regimen."

For those who have experienced the bloody, gory, and scatological histrionics of a Death Becomes You show, Lee warns that once is never enough. "I always tell people, 'If you've only seen us once, you haven't seen shit,'" he snarls. "We're a totally different band. Every band's supposed to progress and keep moving, and if you're not, you shouldn't be in a band. Totally."

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