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Good Graces

Three new exhibits at CSMART

FRI 12/3

If you're upset that you missed the exhibit "Yuroz's Narrative Culture of Cubism" at the Coral Springs Museum of Art (2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs), you can stop fretting; the museum is extending the exhibit to coincide with the opening of three new exhibits to run through the winter season. The Armenian-born cubist does what many artists merely attempt to do when painting romantic scenes -- he re-creates the feeling, not just a two-dimensional representation of it. Even when Yuroz's subjects aren't touching -- like the two lovers in Sweet Serenade -- the underlying sensuality is still present as they quietly embrace their own inner spirituality.

Similarly tranquil, though of a less interpersonal nature, is Grace Dubow's "Simply Grace!" exhibit, which displays the artist's fondness for the great outdoors, as is evidenced in the watercolor Egrets and the Moon. The other featured Grace, Grace Fishenfeld, focuses more on concepts. The mixed-media collages in her exhibit "Moving Along Through Media and Ideas" show off Fishenfeld's background in graphic design. Finally, rounding out the winter exhibits is Felipe R. Luque's "Arte Decorativo," which features decorative steel pieces like Table #5, a cross between a Tim Burton stage prop and a Chinese calligraphic form. Too bad it's not for sale; it'd make a great conversation piece. The exhibits open Friday with a 6 p.m. reception and run through February. Call 954-340-5000. -- Jason Budjinski

There's no form like no form

THU 12/2

If there's one thing young artists constantly hear from their parents, it's relentless badgering about getting a real job. But for Spanish-born artist Antoni Tapies, he tried the whole go-to-law-school-and-get-a-job thing, but he just wasn't feelin' it. So with the influence of Paul Klee and Joan Miró, Tapies emerged as a prominent figure in Spain's post-World War II art scene, lending credence to the use of informal objects in his mixed-media abstractions. His works from the late '50s are a formalist's worst nightmare; the kind of symbolic expressionism nonartisans shake their heads at. That's art? Why, yes it is, Billy Bob. An exhibit of Tapies' lithographs is on display now through December 18 at the Armory Art Center (1700 Parker Ave., West Palm Beach). Call 561-832-1776. -- Jason Budjinski

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