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Got Balls?

Kickballing off the new year

SUN 1/2

Are you looking for a unique way to close out the first weekend of the new year? Are you jonesing to have a kid dressed up as a wizard clock you upside the head with a kickball? The inaugural New Year's Day+1 Punkball Extravaganza offers all that, plus a chance to rock out and drop some bows.

It all starts with a kickball game, but don't expect the same weak crap you played in elementary school. In this brand of ball, costumes, puppets, Twister boards, and other creative props are not only recommended but strongly encouraged. Imagine the Renaissance Faire meets Senior Skip Day meets fifth-grade recess! After the game, the party moves to suburbia for a backyard punk show featuring bands What the Kids Want, Zumm Zumm, Mt. Gigantic, and Anxiety. Madame Guillotine finishes the day with a definitive "Oi!"

The game kicks off at Douglas Park (2755 SW 37th Ave., Miami) on Sunday at 2 p.m. After everyone's tended to his brutally inflicted kickball wounds, the party moves to Bestial Ernie's house (1923 SW 24th St., Miami) for the show at 6 p.m. Donations of $5 are requested to help bands get to their next city. For more information, e-mail Ash[email protected]. -- Paul A. Leone

Earth First!

Karaoke second!

FRI 12/31

If dressing up in your South Beach best and throwing back $10 cocktail after $10 cocktail is really not your idea of a fun way to spend New Year's Eve, you might want to join up with the Earth First! crowd and its drum circle out in the woods near the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area (Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, north of Northlake Boulevard in western Palm Beach County). They'll be hunkered down with camping gear through Sunday for "workshops, passion groups, action trainings, music making, skill sharing, festivities, networking, protests, hiking, hunting/gathering," and, believe it or not, karaoke. They'll ring in a 2005 that -- they're keeping their fingers crossed -- won't include a Scripps biotechnology project anywhere near our ecologically sensitive wetlands. Bring your own food, water, bike, and revolutionary slogans. And you won't wonder where you left your credit card the night before. It'll be just like when you prepared for Y2K. Call 561-547-6686, or e-mail [email protected]. -- Deirdra Funcheon

Boys Will Be Boys

Even on the tour bus

THU 12/30

Who needs maturity when you're a fledgling rock star? None of the guys in Fallen from the Sky are old enough to drink, but that won't stop them from releasing a CD on JMB Records and then heading off on a cross-country tour. Let's just hope that, among the amplifiers and guitar cases, there's room for a Nintendo; these guys have a serious jones for Super Mario Brothers, and all the groupies in the world couldn't replace that (unless they come bearing video games). Tonight, they play a CD-release party at the Factory (2674 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale), with the Enablers (a side project of Dashboard Confessional's Mike Marsh), the Agency, and the Secret French Kissing Society. The show starts at 6:30 p.m., and tickets cost $8. Call 954-564-ROCK. -- Deirdra Funcheon

Beats Mr. Rogers' 'hood

WED 1/5

Resolution number one: start jogging. Resolution number two: brush up on those puppetry skills. Slip into your best King Friday voice and decompress from the holiday rush in the comfort of Mamina's Garden (2100 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach), an art center that opens today with classes in photography, theater, painting, dance, "spiritually-guided courses," and yes, puppetry. You can check the home-like atmosphere for free. Call 954-456-7977. -- Deirdra Funcheon

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Deirdra Funcheon

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