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Grab That Brass Pole by the Thighs

If beauty comes from within, exactly how deep do you need to search to reach the layer that says: “I am so beautiful I should be a stripper!” For some people, no problem, it’s right on top. For the slightly more inhibited, that layer is very deep, deep down in there and -- damn it -- it’s time to excavate that layer for all the world to see. How about you get warmed up by going to World Fitness Association (2747 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale) tonight for Cardio Strip & Pole Dancing Class! (Stripping isn’t just for single mothers anymore, you know.)

Tonight, you too can shake your jigglies with the other strip aerobics participants, learning the best moves for showcasing your talents on the brass pole (don’t you wish you had one in your bedroom?). And think about it: you have to be in pretty good shape to hang upside down from your clinching thighs. No word yet on whether or not Kegel exercises are included in the class, but one can hope. The best part? Your first class is free! Call 954-564-6743.
Thursdays, 2007

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Daniel Renzi

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