Guitars and Doughnuts

Punk rock has slackened on both the “punk” and “rock” fronts as of late: eye-lined prissiness has usurped punk attitude and the rock has turned into silly-putty. But Boys Night Out is no shrill megaphone for emo-boy distress. Guitarist Jim Davis puts straight-from-the-heart music before moneymaking and a marketing strategy: “No bullshit,” says Davis, “and no apologies.” Of course, they all say that -- but these guys are different! On its Myspace, the band lists doughnuts among its influences and tells audiences, “Fuck all y’all for comin’.”

If you’re not deterred by the insouciance, the Ontario-based fivesome will be in town tonight in support of its new self-titled release – their third album since they debuted in 2002. Subsequently, they’ve lassoed a large fan base and toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco, all while singing about alcoholism, drug addiction, and hideous ex-girlfriends. The subjects are bathetic and the vocals never stray from modern punk’s de rigueur boyish whine, but the songs are as catchy as any virus in the C.D.C. laboratories. They’ll play at Ray’s Downtown Blues (519 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach) Thursday at 8 p.m. Tickets go for $12. Call 561-835-1577, or visit

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Penn Bullock