Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, which can mean only one thing -- a superlong weekend. A true trick-or-treat fan won't let a little school night get in the way of one of the best celebrations of the year. Luckily for us quasi-grownups, we can have all the candy we want, but the real treat is a few beers with the looming threat of work in the morning. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up as someone different for the night, and Halloween provides us the perfect rationale. But how about taking your newfound persona to the stage? That's what will be going down at the Black Rose Irish Pub all night. And the bonus is that you are free to roam wild, because everyone else will be playing dress-up too. Take advantage of the chance to let it all hang out in front of strangers and loved ones with Scareoke -- a ghoulish twist on the classic question: "Are we drunk enough to sing?" Representatives from Bacardi and Shipyard Brewery will be on hand dispensing adult treats, including the universally loved Pumpkinhead. Out of all the parties going down October 31, this one promises to be nothing but a good time, with some tunes selected by your fellow costumed peers. The only screams going on at this shindig will translate to "That's my jam!" Scareoke is Halloween night, Thursday, at the Black Rose Irish Pub, located at 234 S. Federal Highway in Boca Raton. The event will be hosted by Jen Nestor. No cover. Visit facebook.com/blackrose­boca, or call 561-392-3808.
Thu., Oct. 31, 2013
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Dana Krangel