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Hanley Ramirez Starring Hanley Ramirez

The only way the Florida Marlins can get any attention from the national media is when their star player kicks a ball into right field, runs after it lackadaisically, and then publicly criticizes manager Fredi Gonzalez when he gets benched for it afterward. Hanley Ramirez did just that, and ESPN backed its trucks into Sun Life Stadium to make it the lead story for a week. Gonzalez benched Ramirez until the player apologized for his actions, but Ramirez was defiant and refused until Hall of Famer Andre Dawson stuck his proverbial foot in Ramirez’s proverbial ass and straightened the kid out with a verbal lashing. Ramirez finally apologized, Gonzalez allowed him to play again, the owner tried to sweep it all under the rug, and the media went back to ignoring the Marlins. Let’s hope this won’t be the highlight of the season. The Fish host the Milwaukee Brewers at 7:10 Thursday night at Sun Life (2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami Gardens). Tickets start at $9. Visit marlins.com.
Thu., June 3, 7:10 p.m., 2010
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