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“He Writhes on the Floor, Like a Cockroach Playing the Sax”

You have to wonder what thoughts crossed the policeman’s mind who wandered into Radio-Active Records one recent night. Unable to be contained in the rear, sound-proof performance space, jazz crazyman Kenny Millions was twitching his way to the front entrance, lead by a passion that demanded he unleash every lick of sound from his sax, guitar, and clarinet — in unison. You will never know precisely what the officer pieced together before shutting the show down for the night, but you can be damn sure that the experience changed him for the better. We call it: the Millions Effect.

Radio-Active Records has grown from humble roots into a musical nexus for Browidians. By not only selling both popular and hard-to-find vinyl, but also giving haven to auditory experimentation like the afore-mentioned monthly avant-garde sets with Kenny Millions and Mr. Entertainment, it’s filling a much-appreciated role as both record shop and performance playground. This month’s installment is getting nudged back from it’s usual date (the final Thursday of each month) due to the holidays, and is being billed as Kenny Millions’ Avant-Garde Christmas. For those unfamiliar with Millions, his legacy runs deep: he’s collaborated with everyone from Lou Rawls to the funk brother himself, James Jamerson. These days, he escapes his restaurant, Sushi Blues, one night a month to splatter Radio-Active’s walls with sonic pellets composed of jazz, punk, and noise.

Tonight’s holiday spectacular also features a special show by doom/surf/folk artists, the Long Knives (former members of the Necrophiles), and a special rock and roll rendition of the “12 Days of Christmas,” by the ever-charming and always-befuddling, Mr. Entertainment.

The Long Knives kick things off between 7 and 8 p.m., and the show is completely free. You’ll find Radio-Active in Fort Lauderdale at 1930B East Sunrise Blvd., in the Gateway Shopping Center. Call 954-762-9488, or visit myspace.com/radio_active_records.
Tue., Dec. 23, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin

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