Heavenly Bodies

Stephanie Adams went to Catholic school -- all-girl Catholic school -- for more than 13 years. Then, she posed for the glossy pages of Playboy. Right now, if you're a straight male over 15 years of age, you are probably already concocting an elaborate fantasy involving softly lit underage schoolgirls wrestling in holy water. But let's back up a minute, shall we? This 33-year-old descendant of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, had a seemingly idyllic childhood that included Catholicism, Wicca, and Judaica.

"My family was always very open-minded about religion," Adams explains. "My mom would wear the Star of David with a crucifix and would use Wiccan herbs. I never really questioned it." Fresh out of Catholic school, Adams moved straight to the next logical choice: modeling.

Fast-forward to 1992, when Adams landed the centerfold and got the coveted title of Miss November. "It was really a joke," Adams says of the Playboy experience. "I had these pinup-type modeling photos, and my aunt sent them to Playboy. When they actually called back and were interested, I was surprised and kind of taken back. But I decided to do it and looked at the whole experience as art rather than a chance to become an actress, as many women do." Adams isn't talking about the wild soirees at Hef's mansion or the jet-set Playmate lifestyle. And while her turn-ons may still include fast cars, strawberries and cream, and kisses, Adams has one more to add these days: astrology. Oh, and she's a lesbian.

Yes, Adams came out on the cover of She magazine earlier this year. "I've known I liked women since I was 13," Adams reveals. "I've been married and divorced, and I'm just glad I can finally be out. My new book is an expression of two things I'm the most passionate about." And the book she speaks of is Sapphica: Astrology for Lesbians. Is astrology different for lesbians? The world may never know, but Adams seems to have a firm grasp on what's going down with your star sign. In addition to sapphic astrology, Adams (she writes under the pen name "Sorceress") has written Goddessy: 2004 Psychic Reading Predictions for Every Astrological Birth Sign; Goddessy: Belief Is Only the Beginning; Goddessy: Historical Figures and Their Ties to the Occult; and Black: The History of the Color of the Occult.

"Everyone has the ability to see and make things happen in their life," Adams explains. "I definitely believe that I have psychic abilities and have from a young age. When I give a tarot reading, I don't sugarcoat anything. If people aren't compatible, I let them know." Whether you're hoping for some hot Libra-on-Libra action in the future or want relationship and financial advice, Adams takes her gift seriously. Don't expect any tear-jerking John Edward psychobabble. Adams tells it like it is.

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Audra Schroeder
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