Hell Hath No Fury

It’s been five years since Gayla Harrington first heard about the Miami Fury, down south’s Independent Women’s Football League team; she never expected to become a co-owner. She tried out, made the team, fought valiantly alongside her fellow players, and had the time of her life. But when the owners decided to sell, she refused to give up without fighting. “We wanted to continue playing, and we wanted Miami to be able to continue offering football to women,” said Harrington.

Her solution? She and a friend bought the sucker.

With two (count ´em boys: TWO) ACL injuries, Harrington had to retire her jersey at the end of last season, but the good news was that that means there’s room for more ladies to join. In fact, Miami Fury is currently at half-capacity, so if you’ve ever been interested in football, today is the day to make it happen during open try-outs. You don’t have to know much about the sport, so don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t thrown or kicked before. Hell, you don’t even have to follow it on TV; all you need to succeed today are workout clothes, an athletic inclination, and the desire to join something tremendous. “A lot of guys don’t believe that the level of play is there,” Harrington says, laughing defiantly, “but then they see our highlight tape or come out and see us play … and their opinion changes. They respect us.” It’s $75 to try out; you must have proof of insurance. It all goes down at 11 a.m. at Miramar Athletic Park, SWBJAA (SW 62 Ave. and SW 33 St., Miramar). Visit www.miamifuryfootball.com.
Sat., Oct. 13, 11 a.m., 2007

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Jamie Laughlin