Hell on Heels

There are conflicting views throughout feminist circles on whether high heels represent power or oppression for women. Sure, they can cause cramping, backaches, and the occasional face-first stumble, but heels also signify ownership of societal ideals. By having the strength to not only walk, but strut through your day in a pair of stacked Mary Janes, you’re showing the world that you could crush its criticisms with a well-placed swivel. That’s a powerful notion.

Hoards of local gals agree. That’s why they’re embracing the emblem to raise dough on Saturday as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The fabulous event is called The High Heeled Hike, and unlike other marathon fundraisers, ladies are encouraged to wear their least arch-supporting footwear: the blessed high heel. The 1K walk will do more than just raise awareness and money; it’ll raise well-groomed eyebrows too. Each team “competing” creates an outrageously brash group ensemble (so you finally have an excuse to tap into that secret stockpile of Mardi Gras beads that you “acquired” in New Orleans). Boas, aprons, formal gowns — all will parade down Las Olas Boulevard today to raise money for two noble organizations, the Young Survival Coalition and the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Get involved or just make a donation at highheelhike.com. The walk begins at Las Olas Boulevard and SE 9 Avenue.
Sat., Oct. 11, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin