Hello, Othello

Shakespeare’s Othello is, among other things, the tale of a politician who doesn’t like the idea of certain people marrying each other, and the terrible things that happen when his advice goes unheeded. Which means at least a couple of disgraced modern-day Senators could and likely will take grim solace in the play’s bloody, tragic Third Act. And bloody and tragic it is — there’s a wife killing, endless double-crossings, unceasing manipulation, and very few smiles. It’s also all very beautiful, of course, which is why Shakespeare rocks. With the help of the Vaughn-Rian Players, the bard will be breaking hearts tonight at The Amaturo Theatre at The Broward Center For The Performing Arts (201 SW Fifth Ave, Fort Lauderdale), and it only costs $35 to take part in the joyous misery of it all. Those interested in early reservations should call 954-483-4531, or else get in touch with The Broward Center at 954-462-0222 (or by visiting the Center’s website, at www.browardcenter.org). Come and be bummed. And don’t mind the fellow cackling in the back row — he’s probably a politician.
Sat., Sept. 15
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Penn Bullock