He’s Like Michael Winslow, But Funny.

Normally, when given the choice between attending a stand up act filled with impressions or shoving cutlery into assorted orifices, the latter is the better option. Seriously, how many John Madden and Jack Nicholson imitations can one handle before the sweet relief of a spork in the eye is appealing? (Answer: One) Before you raid the kitchen drawers, Greg Morton is worth checking out for a couple reasons. First, he’s got some serious geek cred: He provided voices for Robocop: The Animated Series, Hammerman (based on the life and times of the great superhero MC Hammer), and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Second, although he does impressions, when he’s using them to condense the entire Star Wars or Lord of the Rings trilogies into two-minute sketches, the urge to impale oneself subsides. So save your antique silverware for when Frank Caliendo comes back to town. Tickets start at $15.28 (all shows are 18+ or 21+ and carry a two drink minimum). Call 561-833-1812, or visit www.palmbeachimprov.com.
Thu., March 20; Fri., March 21; Sat., March 22, 2008
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Brett Gillin