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Hit Me, Baby Anne

Once upon a time, there was a king of Clubland, and his name was DJ Icey. One day, the mighty Orlando-based turntablist pushed one of his subjects behind the mixing boards, slipped some headphones on her ears, and commanded her to make a song. After that, as the legend goes, "she bought her first set of Technics and never looked back."

Icey's protégé, best-known as DJ Baby Anne, had princess-good looks (think Kylie Minogue meets Alyssa Milano) -- but that's not what propelled her to her own throne. She was kind, and she gave the people what they wanted. She had a knack for delivering funky breakbeats, for sprinkling them with a bit of old-school synth, and for booming Miami bass through the speakers. These actions earned her the nickname "The Bass Queen." The throwback to early electro "might sound cheesy," she told DJVibe.com, "but I really like it." She's all about getting people on the dance floor: "I play breaks. I'm not a trance DJ, I'm not a house DJ, so I'm not a late-night DJ. I'm earlier. I like high-energy stuff."

Though she's a little media-shy -- Baby Anne rarely grants interviews -- the Bass Queen still keeps order in clubs around the world. The rave scene dried up, but the DJ, now in her 30s, still tours. This year alone, she's taken control of turntables from Birmingham, Alabama, to Lima, Peru. Her last album, Mixed Live from Las Vegas, featured some of her own tracks as well as recycled sounds from her friends -- like DJ Icey's remix of Ferry Corsten's "Punk" and Palm Beach Gardens homies Scratch-D vs. H-Bomb's "Nightmare 2002." This September, she'll drop a new record -- titled The Mixtress -- on industry heavyweight System Recordings. Go pledge allegiance to her sound this weekend when she spins at the Voodoo Lounge. -- Deirdra Funcheon

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