Home Away From Home

There certainly won’t be loads of fans at Reliant Stadium cheering for the Dolphins this Sunday, when our boys invade and play the Houston Texans. (Come to think of it, there aren’t a whole lot of fans cheering for the Fins when they play at Dolphin Stadium.) But it’s during away games that they need our support more than ever. When Jason Taylor plants his feet on a critical third and eight, you can be sure he feels the chi coursing through his veins as you scream, “Sack ΄em, J-Dog!” from thousands of miles away. And when Trent Green drops back to send a rope down the sideline to a waiting Chris Chambers, he needs to be sure that someone, somewhere, has his back (and it’s definitely not the O-line. Zing!).

That’s right, Fins fans, you’ve got to collectively channel that positive mojo if you want to make a difference, and what better time than during Away Game Parties at Grumpy Dick’s (801 S. University Dr., Plantation)? Every Sunday that the Dolphins are on the road, Dick’s hosts a former Dolphin as celebrity bartender to help cheer the Fish on to victory, moral or otherwise. Last week, 12-year Fins special team-er Jim “Crash” Jensen held court, doling out 5 for $10 buckets to the throngs of faithfuls, as Dick’s whipped out its famous char-grilled pizzas. Who knows who'll show up this week, you'll have to go to find out. Call 954-452-1952.
Sun., Oct. 7, 2007

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John Linn