Home Turf

Mulry Fine Art offers brain teasers for art lovers. Half the fun of its exhibits is figuring out how the works relate to the show titles. A photograph of a massacred pigeon, a giant embroidered pillow, an abstract sculpture that pays homage to Duchamp: It's puzzling how these fit into the gallery's group show "Home Turf." So maybe start with Robert Selwyn's House Painting, an oil painting of a dream house as seen through a hallucinogenic lens, before bending your mind around some less obvious connections. The bloody remains of the bird in a bed of snow, for instance, is one of five C-prints by New York-based Dietmar Busse that he took on his German home turf. His landscapes fit more literally into the theme, but when one thinks metaphorically, the pigeon seems to acknowledge the violence within the "safe" spaces that we call home. In contrast, Robin Kahn's Family Tree II, a four-foot-square quilted pillow embroidered with the names of female artists, speaks to nurturing domesticity. And Underwood, that abstract sculpture by Sinisa Kukec? Well, what says home more than green ceramic forms that are reminiscent of a pair of women's hips bisected in lateral slices? Now that you get it, you can practice your own puzzle-solving on the works of Jamie Adams, Isabel Bigelow, Peter Burgea, Luis Castro, Wolf Kahn, Marc Leuders, Ronald Lusk, Alice O'Malley, and Julie York. (Through November 24, when there will be a closing party with some of the artists in attendance, at Mulry Fine Art, 3300 S. Dixie Hwy., No. 2, West Palm Beach. Call 561-228-1006.)

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Marya Summers