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Hop on Down

Fans of The Howard Stern Show and everything it stands for -- gratuitous T&A, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and so on -- can have their fill this weekend. Although the King of All Media and his most recognizable sidekick, the redoubtable Robin Quivers, will both be absent, a group of recurring characters from the show and a Stern regular play host at Saturday's Beer, Babes, and B.S.

With models from Hawaiian Tropic on hand in what is billed with tongue-in-cheek tastefulness as "a celebration of the female form," Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate should provide a nice contrast. Beauty and the beast and all that. Along with Baba Booey, comedian Robert Schimmel is slated to make an appearance. New Times talked with Schimmel the last time he dropped by our neck of the woods. As is typical of the man, he ranted on about his daughter, defending her from the encroachments of her significant other, the fun he's had fighting off cancer, and the state of comedy today. Back then, he discussed plans for a one-man show and a sitcom, both of which have yet to materialize. Beer, Babes, and B.S. must take precedence over such things.

Also joining in the ogling and drinking are groups of Florida disc jockeys who are, almost to a man and woman, blatant Howard Stern rip-offs. The Monsters of the Mid-Day, Orlando's afternoon answer to Stern's sleaze, drop by, offering all the tastelessness a couple of vacant guys and one even-more-vapid girl can muster. Russ Rollins began his radio show in 1993 on a small AM station. Back then, it was called Party Talk with Russ and Bo, but after the addition of annoyance specialist (and Rollins brother-in-law) Dirty Jim, the show grew into 104.1 FM's current midday histrionics. Quintessential dumb blond Savannah added what she could to the lineup, and in a sure sign of the show's massive debt to The Howard Stern Show, interns have been added to the payroll after proving their comedic worth. Only if the Monsters' intern stuttered could the rip-off be more complete.

But that's neither here nor there. You may wonder how dealing with obnoxious radio jocks and women you can drool over but will never have could be a fun way to spend your free time. The answer is, of course, alcohol. Lots of it. While the disc jockeys and one legitimate comedian take care of the B.S. and the ladies from Hawaiian Tropic make up the babes, a massive beer garden takes care of the third part of this trio. The beer garden takes up a large portion of the MARS Music Amphitheatre grounds. Sample beers from across the world, or just stick to your guns and drink the domestic swill. Either way, after a beer or ten, even Baba Booey is good for a few laughs.

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