Hot Wax

OK, let's pretend that this is an advice column for guys who want to make a good impression on the ladies. Nice clothes, a decent ride, and good hygiene are all no-brainers. What about if she actually comes over to your place? (Score!) A wall-sized plasma TV is always helpful, and having a well-stocked bookshelf doesn't hurt your game either. But if you really want to show her what a well-rounded catch you are, accrue a record collection. Face it, dudes, no girl has ever been impressed by a bunch of sports memorabilia, and the stage for romance has certainly never been set to sounds emanating from an iPhone. It's all about the mood. Your job is to provide the appropriate soundtrack for any situation, from melancholy jazz meanderings to blazing metal meltdowns.

So where can you find your future vinyl treasure trove without rummaging through mothball-rank thrift stores? Easy. Check out Backbone Music's End of Summer Sale, running through the end of September. That's right, Delray's one and only indie record store is taking up to 60% off selected merchandise. Don’t be dissuaded if you’re without a turntable, Backbone (61 SE Fourth Ave., Delray Beach) has plenty of CDs and DVDs for the more digital-friendly. Class dismissed! Call 561-266-BONE, or go to
Sept. 9-30, 2007

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John Letsch