How Not To Begin a Career In Politics

This is the kind of thing that doomed the Roman Empire. There was a time, not long ago, when the knowledge of all the dumb things you did at the club was reserved for fellow travelers. If your sister occasionally dyked it up with a girlfriend or two in front of 50 cooter-crazed fratboys, you never had to know.

Well — such innocent days have flown forever, and the greatest proof we’ve yet seen comes courtesy of YouTube Thursdays at Mr. G’s (2650 S. Military Trail, West Palm Beach). It’s you’re standard debauched-youth spectacle — booze, DJ, booze — but with the added allure of a camera man trolling through the party, promising to preserve your drunken idiocy for all time. “Mr. G’s YouTube Thursdays #5 Valentine Addition” shows amateur lesbianism, men onstage on all fours sucking down cocktails through straws (while friends shave their backs, natch), and a pregnant woman attempting to lick all the whipped cream from a banana protruding from somebody’s crotch (if that fetus should somehow develop into a computer-surfing adolescent, mommy will face some awkward questions). We are plainly living in the Decadence. Thank god these people will never run for public office. With videos like these scattered across the internet, they wouldn’t dare. Call 561-434-9917.
Thursdays, 2008

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Brandon K. Thorp