If You Don’t Attend, She’ll Know

When Michelle Whitedove went on Lifetime’s reality competition America’s #1 Psychic, she swayed even the naysayers. Her accuracy in assessing situations – picking out a car in a car lot that had a man squirreled away in the trunk and giving eerily point-on readings to skeptics – won her the coveted title of Psychic Numero Uno. The victory has also made her career explode; just looking at Whitedove’s calendar of lectures and educational courses across the country is enough to make you want a big long nap. This medium is in demand. If you require her services and insights, attend Saturday’s lecture “Secrets of the Soul” at Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Hotel (1825 Griffin Rd., Dania) Sure, it’ll cost you $125 bucks but that’s a small price to pay to hear what Whitedove has to say about key questions that have left scholars of every variety baffled since the dawn of time, like: “What happens when you die?” and “What do we do for eternity?”. Get comfy with the afterlife starting at noon today. Call 954-435-5564, or email [email protected]
Sat., March 1, 2008
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Jamie Laughlin