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The supermarket-turned-concert venue called Orbit has a problem, and it's not just the acoustics. It's the dilemma most venues in South Florida face, and it is this: Not a whole lot of people go to concerts. So how does one make money? Well, down here in the Land of the Breakbeat, one puts on a pseudorave.

A real rave, by definition, couldn't be held legally at a proper nightclub. But warehouse parties have been cracked down on in recent years, and most of the rave kids out there are too young to remember when that scene had its heyday, back in Chicago and London in the late 1980s or Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Nor are they old enough to remember what proper acid-house music sounded like.

Instead, the electronica fest at Orbit this Saturday features DJ Icey and BabyAnne, two proponents of Orlando's big-beat music. Given that Orlando spawned most of the world's boy bands, you can imagine what these two do to electronica.

Luckily, the two DJs are only a side event here. West Palm Beach's Dynamix II is a member of the old school that big-beat DJs steal from so well. The duo, formed in 1985 and made up of David Noller and Scott Weiser, is responsible for several tunes that will receive heavy airplay when the inevitable "classic electronica" radio stations hit the airwaves. "Just Give the DJ a Break" is probably the tune most associated with their live act.

Yet another saving grace headlines the show: the Spacemen. The group's self- titled debut album, released this year, does little to accurately portray the bombastic blitz of the live show, with all the lights, effects, masks, and other bizarre accouterments. That means the best way to take in the Spacemen is live, so grab your pacifier and raise that roof.

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