It's a Savage World

If you like moving pictures on large screens accompanied by sound, there’s probably no reason for you to skip Savages. Why? Well Philip Seymour Hoffman, for one, is a perennial critical darling – the Academy has been tonguing his nethers ever since Capote, though he’s a fan favorite from his Happiness days. Then there’s Laura Linney, who’s one awesome actress herself. The two play completely neurotic siblings forced to care for their aging father as he slips into dementia. Yes, that sounds uplifting enough, but will there be serious elements too? Well, the film was produced by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor – the folks who put together Election, About Schmidt, and Sideways – so expect an irreverent, slice-of-life, with a chaser of Sahara-dry humor. Also: When’s the last time you saw a film rank 90% or higher on The internet is a very fickle place, after all. If zit-faced bloggers and acne-scarred pro critics can agree it rocks, then you know it to be true. (see our own review in Film.) Get an early start to your “To-Watch” Oscar list, as Savages opens Friday at Sunrise Eleven Cinemas (4321 NW 88 Ave., Sunrise). Tickets run $6.50 to $8.75. Call 954-748-0333, or visit
Dec. 21-30, 2007
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John Linn