It’s Like Rocky, But They Can Issue Citations

Ever had dreams of watching a cop get pummeled after you got that stupid speeding ticket? Live out your fantasies (legally) tonight! The Hollywood Police Athletic League (a.k.a. the PAL) is sponsoring "Heroes in Action," an annual amateur boxing exhibition featuring your favorite police "pals" stepping into the ring, to raise money for the PAL Youth Center. Their opponents? South Florida firefighters; it could only be better if there was a steel cage. And yes, the chicks are duking it out too, Laila Ali-style -- and not even in bikinis while covered in chocolate pudding or whipped cream or whatever, which will either horrify or titillate the men in the room beyond comprehension.

The fights are transpiring at Hard Rock Live, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (1 Seminole Way, Hollywood). Joining the fighters at the event will be the men of the South Florida Firefighters Calendar, who will be on hand selling the thing and getting their pictures taken with adoring fans. No word on whether any of those calendar guys will be boxing, although our guess is that they're too pretty to get punched in the face. Tickets range $15 to 45. Visit
Thu., Sept. 27, 2007

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Daniel Renzi