It's Not Easy Being Green

You consider yourself a green avenger: You’re eco-conscious, always brake for puppies, and you keep a stockpile of extra hugs for nearly all animals you encounter, great and small. But while it kills you to admit it, there are some little fellas in the animal kingdom that you can’t imagine holding in a deep, dude-we’re-in-this-together embrace. Guys with leathery, warty skin that’s so squirm-inducing that it could never, ever be converted into a couture hand bag. And sticky tongues that snap and slurp up unsuspecting insects. Admit it, you don’t trust frogs. That’s OK, because after you check out the new summer exhibit at MODS, you might at least appreciate them.

The Museum of Discovery and Science is doing a little frog PR with its newest summer exhibit “Frogs: A Chorus of Colors.” It opens this weekend and is jam-packed full of great activities, so you’ll learn what makes the little guys so attractive — uh, to scientists, that is. Fifteen live frog habitats will act as summer vacation homes for many exotic breeds of frogs and toads. Check out a tree frog’s amazing grip, or learn about the dangerous venom of the dart poison frog while you explore this interactive exhibit.
May 26-Sept. 11, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin