It's the Wheel Deal

It’s Saturday and you’re in between paychecks. If your pockets were bulging with shiny dollars, you would probably gamble, buy new clothes, and then get schnockered and blow the remainder on pretty ladies… but they’re not. That’s okay! *J’s Bar (2780 Davie Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale) has a back-up plan for you: spend 12 hours there and feel like a big spender.

Here’s how: arrive early on Saturday afternoon (between noon and 4 p.m.) to settle into a comfy stool. Watch as the bar evolves into a fun-filled gambling haven when neighborhood drinkers spin Anna’s Wheel, a giant, game show-like, spinning wheel with 36 different conclusions ranging from “Whammy!” to “Tee-shirts!” and “Free Drinks!” While you might wind-up ahead with free stuff, you won’t wind-up signing your Hyundai over to a casino manager. As you become increasingly tipsy and the “wheel booty” piles up, prepare to be entertained by the greatest group of ladies this side of Vegas! Daddy’s Girls might be a local drag troop, but don’t think these gals aren’t worldly (they could high-kick you back to Chicago!). Past shows have revolved around the music of greats like Prince and, of course, (praise be!) Madonna. When’s the last time a room full of women took you in, gave you freebies, and then entertained you – all for the price of a bar tab? You really are one poor, lucky bastard.

*Note: You will notice an uncommonly large spike in the female/male ratio at J’s Bar. Sadly, Tiger, this isn’t due to your feisty new cologne; it’s because J’s is primarily a lesbian hang. You’re completely welcome there – as long as you behave and don’t offer to “change” anyone. Call 954-581-8400, or visit
Every other Saturday, 2006

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Jamie Laughlin