Jack and Jill Go Up the Hill to Fetch Donations

Community outreach and the arts: a perfect union in which one can literally support the other. Brought to you by the Independent Working Artists Network (IWAN) at the Bubble, “For the Little Ones” will unite South Florida’s art and business communities to benefit the Jack and Jill Foundation. Whether you’re a sponsor or simply in attendance, a massive portion of your contribution will go directly to Jack and Jill, an organization that has, since 1938, dedicated its dollars to providing resources to children in need and helping to empower them as individuals. Says Garo Gallo, who has helped IWAN put together events like these from the start: “While we’ve done a lot for local artists, we’ve also always wanted to lean toward giving back to the community directly. We did a tsunami benefit in the past, and ‘For the Little Ones’ is to be the first in a series of benefits that help raise money for children. Jack and Jill has done so much, from donating soccer equipment to local teams to getting into preschools the children who might not have had the chance to.” Featured artists showing at the event include Rachel DeJohn, Ruben Uberia, Matthew Valera, Skot Olsen, and Matthew Barteluce, all of whom were invited to contribute prizes to an awesome raffle and whose work will be for sale. There will also be live sets by Sweet Bronco and Harvey and the Buckets, live painting, gourmet food, and more TBA (check the Facebook page for regular updates). Michael Masser and Linda Creed weren’t kidding when they penned the lyrics “I believe the children are our future” — no matter what your level of involvement is, “For the Little Ones” is an opportunity to give back and ultimately support times ahead. Don’t miss out. The Bubble is located at 810 NE Fourth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. The event happens 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday. Admission is $10 (includes complimentary drinks) or $25 (includes complimentary drinks plus four raffle tickets). Call 954-562-3804, or visit independentworkingartistnetwork.com.
Sat., March 19, 6 p.m.-midnight, 2011
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Monica Uszerowicz