Jews Behaving Badly

About three years ago, Heeb, the magazine for young, Jewish hipsters, hired Susannah Perlman to coordinate the entertainment for one of its events in New York City. She rounded up a bunch of what she calls “really great acts that just happened to be Jewish,” from spoken-word performers to comedians to burlesque dancers. The resulting show, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, proved so popular that the ragtag troupe has been playing everywhere around the country – “theaters, coffeehouses, speed-metal clubs,” Perlman says – ever since. Imagine Jewish culture explained and blasphemed “by the gals who learned to smoke at Hebrew School, got drunk at their Bat-Mitzvahs, and would rather have more schtuppa than the chupah.” As the self-described ringleader and host, Perlman alternately wears pasties and a boa or a “J-date wedding dress,” and introduces acts like “yenta yoga” and a “Hassidic striptease.” Skewering their culture is simply these ladies’ way of embracing it: “We’re bringing our Boca Raton gear,” Perlman says. “The sweatsuits with the colorful jackets – you know, the old lady gear. Because that’s where we’re all going. We can try to fight it, but we’re all going there.” Either meet these girls at Century Village in 30 years or catch them Thursday at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $15; call 305-532-1997.
Thu., Jan. 12
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Deirdra Funcheon