Jezebel Shopping Day

You’ve been so good all year — stashing your mad money away for a truly special day — and now, it’s finally arrived. Jezebel, your favorite boutique for all-things-dreamy, is helping you make your pennies stretch further during its Sixth Annual Summer Blow-Out Sale! On this sacred retail holiday, the store becomes pleasantly packed with giddy shoppers, all loading up stockpiles of ultra-discounted merchandise for Christmas, Chanukah, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, and all of those other little affairs where you want to give something lovely without winding up on a Ramen noodle diet. This year, the gals of Jezebel are upping the “Awww!” factor by also hostessing a doggie fashion show (from 2 to 4 p.m.) complete with prizes and a cupcake and lemonade giveaway! (Yes, dogs dressed in cute clothes, free cupcakes, and bargains galore! So make sure your pooch is primped; it just might pay off.)

Ms. Ptak knows how to take care of her loyal fan base; in addition to getting her own dogs prepared for the festivities, she’s been slashing prices and squirreling away goods for weeks, like a couture chipmunk, so that when she unveils the treasure trove (10 a.m., rain or shine) you’ll be positively floored. From clothing to candles, from cards to onesies, you won’t find a more seductive assortment of sale items anywhere. Thanks, Jezebel (1980 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). Call 954-761-7881.
Sat., July 26, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin