Know Your Rites

Winter is over. Okay, winter isn’t officially over, but those three days in January when you can wear a leather jacket without looking like a Joey Ramone wannabe have already passed. That means it’s time for spring, or at least, The Rite of Spring.

If you have even a layperson’s knowledge of classical music, you’re probably familiar with Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky’s 1913 ballet. It’s probably about the only classical piece from the 20th century that your high school music appreciation teacher didn’t dismiss as a load of contemporary modernist doggy-doo (Gershwin and Bernstein excepted). This production of Stravinsky’s masterpiece was choreographed by Mauricio Wainrot, who previously tackled Far From Away and Anne Frank to widespread critical acclaim – maybe even enough acclaim to impress that aforementioned high school music instructor.

Also on tap for these Ballet Florida performances are Dominic Walsh’s Bello and Ben Stevenson’s Five Poems (which features music composed by another of your teacher’s favorites, Richard Wagner). Springtime is Friday and Saturday at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts (701 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach). Tickets cost $18 to $60. Call 561-832-7469, or visit
Feb. 3-4

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Lewis Goldberg