Last Comic Waxing Nostalgic

What’s it take to get the attention of a fire-breathing, blood-spitting, groupie-humping, Polaroid-collecting rock god? If said rock god is Kiss’ Gene Simmons, you don’t need to be a big-breasted female (though that would help). You just need to know where his funny bone is. It sure worked for comedian John Heffron, who so impressed Simmons that the rocker cast Heffron as the lead in his VH1 sitcom Smash. A former champion on the standup reality series Last Comic Standing, Heffron’s been touring the country promoting his second comedy album, Good Kid, Bad Adult. Heffron’s bits seem almost custom made for the VH1 audience -- he jokes about his college days, the 1980s, pop music, and all the assorted ephemera you’d expect a 33-year-old white guy to have in common with his target demographic. Because that demographic is considered television gold, Heffron appears on the verge of becoming a major star. He’s showed up on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central Presents, and the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, gracing his hosts with his slightly-inebriated-sounding delivery and material that his audience members can relate to. With jokes about his senior prom or the swing set his father built for him, Heffron is to Generation X what Bill Cosby was to previous generations (and their pudding-loving kids). With a freshly-signed deal to develop a new ABC sitcom, Heffron won’t be touring the club circuit that much longer. So you’d better check him out in person while you can. He performs Thursday through Sunday at the Improv Paradise Live (5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood). Tickets cost $18 to $21. Call 954-981-5653.
Jan. 5-8
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Lewis Goldberg