Lasting Impressions

There is no style of art quite as forgiving or complimentary as the impressionist painting. Slight imperfections blur into colorful renderings that sometimes give the same effects as waking up without your contacts in. Like admiring someone from afar, you get the essence of their beauty without getting up close and sniffing out any of the personality flaws or botched dental work. Spanish Impressionist painter Royo takes the female form as his main subject, capturing all of the captivating positives and nixing any negatives. In Royo’s world, the women carry a swan-like grace and soft, reflective eyes that never quite look you head-on. Since the age of nine, in his hometown of Valencia, Spain, Royo has painted life as he sees it. How do others see it? Royo’s frequent comparisons to the European masters might give you an idea. His brush skills were even commissioned by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. If Royo’s work is good enough for royalty, it’s definitely worth checking out at the New River Fine Art (914 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale), where his exhibit runs now through February 3. Call 954-524-2100, or visit
Jan. 25-Feb. 3
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Terra Sullivan