Leap Up, Leap Up, and Get Down

We’re of the belief that any excuse to party is a good one: On November 19 each year, we pack up the coolers and give praise to the porcelain gods; that would be World Toilet Day. On Left Handers Day, August 13, we celebrate the southpaw – hopefully by double-fisting drinks (there’s no Ambidextrous Day, to our knowledge, but there should be). So isn’t today, Leap Year Day, as good a day as any to get ripped and appreciate the efficiency of the Gregorian calendar? Sure is! So if you’re up for the task, head down to Leap Year Party Headquarters – er, that would be Kevro’s Art Bar (166 SE Second Ave., Delray Beach) – and join in on the festivities. The party will feature live hip-hop from locals E.M.C., MS Brown, Dead Poets Society, and Dirty DNA, plus an outdoor fashion show to kick off Palm Beach Fashion Week. There’ll be food and, more importantly, booze, plus a jewelry raffle and live art by Kapone Is Ill. The gig is 21 and up (key word: party), and just $20 to get in. Call 561-278-9675.
Fri., Feb. 29, 2008
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John Linn