Let's Dance

Deep in Sailboat Bend, the neighborhood tucked behind and around downtown Fort Lauderdale, there is an artist-ran gallery called 1310 Gallery (1310 SW Second Court, Fort Lauderdale). To say you can feel creativity in the air would be beyond a cliché statement: You have to be an artist to live there. And when there is an art show, these artists welcome us into their gallery for free. To some, they are also welcoming us into their home. It's fine art photographer Nicole Kent's first solo exhibit Saturday. Opening and closing receptions for 1310 Gallery's exhibits are always quite stimulating. Because beyond checking out Kent's beautiful images of various sorts of people dancing, there will be dancers present themselves. Body-shakers from Impact Dance Company, My Bollywood Studio, and Body & Soul Dance Theatre will be real-life visions of what you see on the walls. Many of these dancers are the subjects of Kent's work. Kent's aim is to show the world of movement. "Dance With Me" will be a photography exhibit that highlights how the body conveys emotion through dance. Since she uses lenticular prints, as you stroll past her work, you'll have the illusion that the photos are moving. Move with them. And move once you leave them. After the opening reception, which is from 7 to 10 p.m., Kent invites everyone to dance with her for the afterparty, which will take place at the Green Room in downtown Fort Lauderdale. "Like" 1310 Gallery on Facebook.
Sat., Nov. 5, 7 p.m., 2011
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Mickie Centrone