Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby (Boomer)

Psycho-sexual therapist, radio and television icon, and former military sniper Dr. Ruth Westheimer will be doling out her signature brand of advice on Thursday. She’s teaming up with Dr. Lawrence S. Hakim, a urologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida, for a free lecture tackling a topic that’s left so many couples flummoxed: erectile dysfunction. “I want to tell the couples that are coming how wonderful and brave it is that they take the initiative to come to a meeting; how much courage they have to say ‘we have a problem’,” she says matter-of-factly from her cell phone in New York. The doctor’s voice is instantly identifiable, her tone is loving, her words are punctuated with determined pauses. “This is the first step in having a relationship that is a good, working, relationship.”

She has demystified sexual issues for decades and encouraged men and women to improve romantic pleasure through communication. “Dialogue is more specific than it was in the past,” laughs Dr. Ruth. “Before, the Victorian mother told her daughter ‘Lie back and think of England, there’s nothing for you there.’” But those days are over, declares the sexpert. To prove it, she’s teaming up with medical specialists and educating the masses, so that there will be mattress-romping equality across generation lines (amen). “Look here, it’s 2007! We have new scientific data, like the importance of using a lubricant after menopause, and that men can become unable to have a psychogenic erection at a certain age [one based on visual arousal],” the Doc explains. “He needs physical stimulation.”

All attending the Thursday’s lecture (you don’t have to have E.D. to attend) get other goodies as well, like free cocktails, an anonymous Q & A session, and a copy of Ruth’s newest book, Dr. Ruth’s Sex After 50, which should be required reading for all ages. In addition to being a comprehensive, how-to resource for its titular target audience, After 50 also educates a younger generation about common pitfalls, emotional stresses, and physical concerns that crop up with aging. Having such sage advice available lessens the fears we have of growing older; fears that, like the Victorian mother’s not-so-sage advice, are most likely based on outdated information or urban legend. Tonight’s lecture is at the Signature Grand Hotel in Davie (6900 State Rd. 84, Davie). Tickets are free but all who wish to attend must RSVP at 1-800-256-1014. You can also catch Dr. Ruth at 430 p.m. on Wednesday the 26, at Books-a-Million (12801 W. Sunrise Blvd., Sunrise) where she will be doing a signing.
Thu., Sept. 27, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin