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Living in the Clay, Glass, Metal, Stone Age

Affordable studio space is always a problem for artists: they’re bound by popular idioms to starve. Couple that with the South Florida real estate market, and it seems like they can’t catch a break.

The Flamingo Clay Studio, a not-for-profit collective of clay, glass, metal and stone artists, has tried to respond to the problem. The co-op houses the work of 21 local artists and artisans, and Friday’s exhibit will showcase the work of three: Betty Wilson, Tracy Rosof-Peterson, and Norm Glitzen. One of Wilson’s pieces, Dual Nature, combines the utilitarian quality of a table with a colorful glass top. The glass presents two large eyes peering straight ahead and a face divided in half, one side yellow, the other a dark red. Rosof-Peterson creates carefully-crafted pottery in interesting shapes and textures. Unlike Wilson, some of Rosof-Peterson’s pots seem anti-utilitarian, molded to a point like skinny water spouts and thus unable to stand on their own. Finally Glitzen, a self-described environmentalist, is a jack of all materials, working with clay, metal, wood, and stone. One very Florida-inspired piece includes a large, metal skeletal sculpture of a sailfish, seemingly a sign of respect for the majestic creature as well as a warning about its precarious state due to over-fishing.

These works and many more by Wilson, Rosof-Peterson, and Glitzen will be on display tonight at 6 at Flamingo Clay Studio Artist Co-op Gallery, located at 605 Lake Ave., Lake Worth. Admission is free. For more information call 561-588-8344, or visit
July 17-24, 6 p.m., 2009

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Erica K. Landau

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