Millions of Entertaining Bastards

In every nook of the county there are iconic musical figures: go-to guys whom up-and-coming artists seek out for tutelage. If you need a lesson in noise, you visit Miami’s Rat Bastard. If you’re trying to master the local punk/rock scene, Mr. Entertainment is your man. And if you want to be floored by an amazing avant-garde jazz musician, be a fly on the wall during a Kenny Millions set. Knowing this begs the question: What would happen if the three joined forces? Sonic radiation? Reversal of river directions? A hell of a good time? At the very least, the latter is assured this Thursday night during Make a PunkFolkJazzNoise Here at Radio-Active Records (1930B E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale).

It’s the second time they’ve done this: entertained the masses with an experimental hodgepodge of out-of-this-world music. Mr. Entertainment will lead his band the Pookiesmackers, do a cross-over with local experimental artist Richard Vargas, and perform a conjoined duet with co-conspirator Wolfie in honor of the most historically famous case of conjoined twins, Chang and Eng Bunker. “We were looking at their story,” laments Mr. E, “and they had 22 children, they married two sisters, lived in two houses and split up the time — three days a piece, and then a neutral day to get their shit done. The song wrote itself!” (Spoiler alert: Be prepared for one, amazing outfit).

The real rarity of the night is a free show by Kenny Millions, a man whom some locals know only from his performances at Sushi Blues Cafe, the sushi bar/jazz venue owned by Millions and his wife in Hollywood, Florida. The reality is that Millions is an international jazz celebrity: he’s collaborated with everyone from James Jamerson to Philip Glass, and tonight he’ll have carte blanche to either fuse or derail any melodic underpinnings he sees fit with his trusty sax, clarinet, flute, and “disturbed guitar.” “He’s so great,” exclaims Mr. E “by the end of his set last year he was lying on the floor, jigglin’ his leg, screaming ‘C’mon everybody! Dance!’”.

Closing out the evening will be a squelching set of assorted madness by our favorite Bastard: Rat. His arsenal is so large that you never know what Rat might bring to the table. “He could surprise us with his genius,” considers Mr. E “or he could blast out our ears.” Either way, Rat’ll close the shop, and you can’t miss the chance to be there when it happens. (Between sets, get a final look at the Naemi exhibit hangin’ on Radio-Active’s walls. The organization is dedicated to providing resources for the mentally ill by displaying and selling their artwork. Check ’em out online at
Thu., May 22, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin