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Move On Over, Suzy Homemaker

The best art openings don’t need to contain exhibits that go together; in fact, sometimes it’s important that they don’t, in order to produce in the viewer vastly different feelings and sensations in one evening — it’s like traveling. The directors of 18 Rabbit Gallery, Leah Brown and Peter Symons, who met at Rhode Island School of Design, clearly understand what it means to beautifully bring together two disparate concepts. While you decompress from Thanksgiving, check out “Madam,” curated by Jackie Tufford, and the paintings of P.J. Mills. The works in the former, by local artists Martin Eduardo Casuso, Giannina Dwin, Kristin Miller Hopkins, Talya Lerman, Denise Moody-Tackley, and the curator herself, interpret and address the tangible, corporal parts of women’s stereotypical roles as homemaker, chef, and mother. Moody- Tackley makes dresses using household materials; Dwin sculpts with sugar. In the other exhibit, Mills’ paintings, to quote the show’s news release, represent “the metaphors that emerge from [the] examination of common objects and how these objects can be representative… of the human condition.” The objects themselves indicate subjects like memory, identity, and growth — a public examination of private feelings.

18 Rabbit Gallery is an emergent gallery space for artists both established and new. Located at 17 NW Fifth St. in Fort Lauderdale, this opening exhibit is free, runs from 7 to 10 p.m., and will also be part of the FAT Village Art Walk. Call 828-279-1481, or visit
Sat., Nov. 27, 7 p.m., 2010

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Monica Uszerowicz

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