No Need to be Shellfish

Jonathan Swift said it best: “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” Whether it’s their calcified exterior shells or their slimy interior bivalve design, there’s something dubious about a raw oyster. Admittedly, there’s also something exotic about the slippery little pseudo-aphrodesiacs that keeps you trolling the raw bar, wishing you could afford to eat them all. So let’s say the cost barrier is removed, like in the case of 80 Cent Oyster Night at Blacktip Reef Restaurant (301 NE Third Ave., Delray Beach). Just think how many you could slurp down! Reef is piling on the oysters – four varieties’ worth, in fact – and you’ll be piling on the horseradish rather than the credit card debt. Call 561-330-8244, or visit
Thursdays, 2007
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Jamie Laughlin