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Oil of Olé

SUN 9/5

Is your favorite color combination green and yellow? Do you walk around singing "O-léeee, olé, olé"? Do you know how to pronounce capoeira without even thinking about it? Well, then you might be a big fan of South America's sexiest, partying-est, nakedest, soccer-craziest country. And you might want to check out Deerfield Beach's Second Annual Brazilian Festival -- where there will be partying galore.

While the sun is shining, the event will feature performers from the Pompano Samba School -- which includes drummers and dancers in feathery, beaded getups. Then the Renascer Praise and Pagode Gospel groups show off their pipes. When the sun goes down, you can bust out your crazy capoeira (dance plus combat) moves. Evening entertainment includes an appearance by Miss Brazil USA (no, that's not an oxymoron) Priscila Bittencourt, the Lambart and Mulatas dancers, singer Marcio Cardoso, and the bands Samba RJ, N Rock, and Substancia Electrica. The headliner of the evening is the electronic trio Pakkone, a group of musicians from the town of Marechal Deodoro, Brazil. They hit the stage at 8:30 p.m. The event takes place right on Deerfield Beach -- well, OK, in the parking lot at Ocean Way between First and Second streets. It's free. Call 954-480-4433, or visit www.deerfield-beach.com. --Deirdra Funcheon

Beans vs. Beef

It's too darn hot

SUN 9/5

Chili cooks are a notoriously cranky, competitive lot, which explains why they're willing -- nay, eager -- to stage a cook-off in the high doldrums of Florida's summer. Here's a dish that develops its bouquet by sitting on a hot stove for hours, meanwhile turning your studio apartment into the third circle of hell. But the prospect of breaking a sweat hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of the dozen contenders in the inaugural Chili Cook-Off of the Broward Art Guild (530 NE 13th St., Fort Lauderdale); let's hope chef Lucy Doll, the lucky judge, knows her habanera from her chipotle. Feed your head and your belly: For $30 ($55 per couple), you get chili 12 ways, hot dogs and fixin's, homemade apple pie, beer, wine coolers, music by Larry Joe Miller & the Delusions, and all the art you can view. Proceeds benefit the guild. Call 954-523-4824. --Gail Shepherd

Hump Days?

That's putting it mildly

WED 9/8

Members of the local noise scene recently came up with a way to cure the summertime blues -- Fuck Tuesdays at the Poor House (110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale). But this begs the question: Why isn't a similar event on Hump Day? And so Fuck Wednesdays was born, building on its Tuesday-night predecessor to include visual artists in addition to the various noise projects of Brendan Grubb, Juan Montoya, MrAmericaX, and other audio experimenters. You don't know the meaning of experimental till you've seen Grubb battle a drum machine with his guitar and beat a propane tank while talking through his computer. The free event starts at 11 p.m. for ages 21 and up. Call 954-522-5145. --Jason Budjinski

In Good Taste

FRI 9/3

We approve of eating and drinking, even more so if it helps fight disease. A $50 advance ticket to the Tasteful Delray Food Festival at the Delray Beach Marriott Hotel (10 N. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach) benefits the American Cancer Society. Wander from table to table nibbling the signature dishes of the best restaurants in Delray Beach, sample international wines, and chat up the chefs. The event lasts from 7 to 10 p.m. Call 561-394-7751. --Gail Shepherd

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